I’m a founder, company builder, and investor living in Boulder County, Colorado. In 2018, after a decade of being a founder and CEO, I sold my company, Cozy, to CoStar Group. These days, I help other founders build better products and companies, and advise on all matters of building a company, from market and product strategy, to raising money, to scaling, exits, and everything in between. While I have vast experience across various industries, I am particularly interested in companies that get people outdoors and moving, and companies who have a clear mission to do good in the world.

Before founding Cozy, I was the co-founder and CEO of Seabright Studios, a user experience consulting company that worked closely with ASICS, Bloomberg, Splunk, and others. Before Seabright, I was a UX/product designer and researcher, leading teams at Splunk, Kosmix, and Flickr.

Personally, I’m exploring new and old paths in the Rocky Mountains, trying to make the most of every day and push my body to its limits. I’m lucky to be here. I have a rare genetic disorder called Fabry Disease. In 2017, I received the gift of life via a kidney transplant from a dear friend, and in January 2020, I had open heart surgery. We only get one go, or in my case three, so far. Let’s make the most of it.

Not that you asked, but Starla Teddergreen is my wife, my adventure buddy, and the most important part of my life.